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113, Jalan Jaya Mas 1,
Taman Jaya Mas,
81300 Skudai,
Johor, Malaysia.

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Nail Art Accessories

Size=H-9.5mm x L-5.5mm
Small Pack=6pcs * 小包=6颗
Large Pack=60pcs * 大包=60颗

Can mix&match with others design to get lower price

Small pack * 小包
1pack=RM3 * 1包=RM3
36packs=RM2.50/pack * 36包=RM2.50/包
100packs=RM2/pack * 100包=RM2包

Large pack * 大包
1pack=RM18 * 1包=RM18
12packs=RM15/pack * 12包=RM15/包
36packs=RM12/pack * 36包=RM12/包 

Water Decal Sticker NAIL STICKER * 美甲贴纸 Sticker New Arrival!! NAIL STICKER * 美甲贴纸 NAIL STICKER * 美甲贴纸 NAIL STICKER * 美甲贴纸 Pusher Nail Art Accessories Nail Art Accessories Natural Toe Tips 自然色脚趾甲片 NAIL STICKER * 美甲贴纸 Acrylic Powder Acrylic Powder YANGJIANG CUTICLE NIPPER (JAW16) CROWN COLOUR CHART (MILKY WHITE) THINNER 120 ML Nail Art Accessories Hand Cover For Photo(Black) NAIL STICKER * 美甲贴纸